“Treasure Trove of Training Tactics and Strategies to Build Unconventional Super Strength, Crazy Endurance, Quality Movement and Radiant Health”

Videos from 3 Different Workshops Released from the Vault at 70% Off for a Limited Time Only…

From the desk of Logan Christopher
9:52 AM – Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Dear Friend,

Wouldn’t you love to stumble across something like this?

Something that paid off not only in the moment…but for years to come. When you understand physical training on this level, that knowledge pays off for a lifetime. And today I want to share this treasure trove with you…but first let me tell you what made me decide to do so.

The other day I saw Bud Jeffries doing some kettlebell juggling shared on his Facebook. More specifically, he was tossing an 88 lb. (40kg) kettlebell over his shoulder. I felt good because I knew that I had influenced him in those skills.

And the impact Bud has had on me was huge. It was his original book, Twisted Conditioning, that got me to see training tools as tools; that each thing had advantages over others, and thus all were useful.

As I thought about this, I got nostalgic.

Previously, Bud and I did a number of workshops together back when we were business partners. These Super Human Training Workshops delivered amazing information on just about every aspect of training. Some topics include:

  • What it takes to Develop Super Strength and Endurance
  • Feats of Strength
  • Mental Training
  • Kettlebells
  • Isometrics
  • Barbells
  • Bodyweight Training
  • Mobility and Agility
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Building Muscle Mass
  • Grip Training
  • And Even More

As I reflected back on these workshops, I thought it would be great to re-release this mountain of training tips, techniques and strategies once again. I hit up Bud and he agreed. So let me show you what is on the table…

Quite simply, there is something here for EVERYONE. Here is a brief synopsis of what’s we covered and what you can get in your hands today.

Super Human Workshop #1

Secrets of Super Strength & Endurance

Bud Jeffries is one strong guy. Squatting 1000lbs. from the bottom of the rack proves that. While its probably his most famous feat, he’s no one trick pony. His 3000 swings in one kettlebell workout show he’s got some crazy endurance too.

These 2 videos give you everything you need, without the BS and fluff, to develop not only super strength and super endurance, but BOTH AT THE SAME TIME.

And he shows you how to do it in just 2 hours per week!

The Missing Key to Incredible Strength

My brother was in attendance. I’ve told him before just how powerful and necessary for strength these exercises are. He agreed, but didn’t do them. But after hearing Bud and seeing it himself he is now convinced.

There is no way you can become as strong as possible while missing this key ingredient. And this is even more important for athletes and martial artists of all kinds. See it done in action and many more tips to shoot your strength levels through the roof.

Bodyweight Athleticism

It’s important not to develop just strength and endurance, but ALL the attributes of fitness which include mobility, flexibility, agility, coordination, speed and more.

With a few well placed bodyweight training exercises in your routine, you can get everything you need.

This 2 video set shows you head to toe mobility drills, basic gymnastic rolling, bridging quick start and handstands, which will all make you become better at movement and thus a better athlete.

Advanced Hypnotic Visualization Athlete Training

For the first time ever, I revealed what I’d devoted years to learning, experimenting with, and getting phenomenal results from.

All the top athletes know that any sport, including lifting, is 90% mental. Yet how many of us devote more than a cursory nod towards actually training your mind?

And why is there no SYSTEM in place to teach the steps of mental training? Well, now you can get that system.

In this 3 video set, you get everything you need to know to unlock the powers of your mind for far more success in the gym.

These are secrets that almost no one else alive knows!

The 3 Pillars of Health & Toxicity Overload

Bud presents his ideas on the simple steps you need to do to maintain great health.

Then I go a bit more advanced and show you how we’re under attack from our toxic environment and more importantly what to do about it.

This includes the 3 basic supplements you NEED because 80-95% of the population is chronically deficient in these necessary nutrients. Plus where to get them and even a way you can get all your supplements for HALF OFF!

The Power of Feats of Strength

Wow! Never have feats of strength been presented on video in this depth and range. You’ll learn short bending, braced bending, scrolling, sledgehammer lifts, phonebook tearing, card tearing, chain breaking and more.

This segment kept an eye towards training, as well as how to put on a show to amaze audiences to deliver a message and/or for profit. In addition, you’ll see some unique never before seen feats and gain ideas on how to construct your own.

Lest you think only the strongest people in the world can do these, we even had the 102 lb female attendee bending steel and shredding cards! Yes, you can use the power of feats of strength.

Super Muscle:
Integrating Strength, Endurance and Qi into Your Workouts

This video shows you the different training effects of different systems across the world. How to build your engine, your battery or improve your wiring. Bud asked why not do them all at once?

Super strength across the whole body, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, and harnessing your body’s energies into a short yet insanely effective workout. And then you can easily apply the principles out to everything else you do.

Fast and Enduring Kettlebell Ballistics

Want to become as fast and explosive as possible? Want to have endurance that makes running a marathon seem like a joke? Want both at the same time? Using the kettlebell ballistics you can get the best of both worlds.

Features swings, snatches, all manners of presses and jerks and how to include the awesomeness of kettlebell ballistics into your workouts. Kettlebells were designed to be lifted for reps and at speed. Are you using them in the best possible way?

Performance Mobility for Super Strength

In this guest presentation with Chuck Halbakken, you’ll discover simple mobility drills that can impact everything from the way you walk to the way you lift. You’ll gain an understanding of why joint mobility is necessary, and how 90% of the people that do it are doing it wrong. Wrong focus, wrong timing, and wrong speed! Discover the simple tweaks that can balance your body, bring you out of chronic pain and much more.

Super Human Workshop #2


  • How to Best Use Kettlebells to Hit Your Goals
  • Swings, Snatches, Push Presses OH MY!
  • Learn how to do Kettlebell Chaos Training
  • Variations of the Prison Workout and where to go next
  • Refinement of Techniques and inside tips to hit high reps in the kettlebell swing.
  • The use of gloves, chalk, tape and more. Why so many people are dead WRONG on this issue!

Extreme Power with Isometrics Training

  • Discover the 13 Types of Isometrics and Which Ones are Best
  • Intensity vs. Endurance Isometrics – What the Nebraskan Wildman Steve Justa personally taught Bud…
  • How to Build Isometrics Around Your Training Goals to Help You Hit them FASTER
  • Hundreds of Varieties
  • Isometric Secrets of the Oldtime Strongmen
  • Becoming Faster with Properly applied Isometrics
  • How to Blow Up Your Strength with Isotonics of made famous by the York Lifters
  • And Much More

How to Identify, Use, and Change 20 Mental Frames for Training and Diet Success (For Yourself and Your Clients)

  • Not only are we unique physically but mentally as well. Here you’ll discover just what makes you tick and how you can leverage your “mental frames ” for faster gains in the gym.
  • Trainers and Coaches: You’ll gain the skills to Effortlessly Motivate Your Clients to help them get better results too.
  • What it takes to change your frame and then change your outcome
  • Physical Assessments are all the Rage Today, but what about Mental Assessments?
  • Discover 20 Frames and how these effect your success.
  • PDF Manual Included

Secrets of Grip Training and Club Swinging with Ryan Pitts from StrongerGrip

  • Advanced Rope Pullup and Climbing Variations – Big payoff, but dangerous!
  • Grip training without expensive tools. Learn how to develop crazy strength with tools found in any gym.
  • The #1 Secret to Grip Training
  • How to easily get started in Club and Mace Swinging
  • And more

Getting Started with Kettlebell Juggling and Scrolling Steel

  • Watch kettlebell juggling techniques taught with laser focus so that people are able to pick the skills up instantly.
  • Noah Jeffries coaches you through your first ever Scroll.

Super Human Workshop #3

Extreme Power with Isometrics VOLUME 2

  • The Wall Chair as it’s never been covered before. Adding weight, going long, the best mental toughness exercise. Plus how it added 200 lbs. to deadlifting.
  • Isometric Exercises specifically for Martial Artists
  • Strongman or Odd Object Isometrics
  • Isometrics to increase your deadlifts, snatching, pressing and more
  • Three main types of Isometrics for short term, long term and burst strength
  • Odd angle movements as taught by Steve Justa
  • How to get a great conditioning workout with isometrics
  • Pure insanity combination isometrics (you have to try these to understand!)

8 Day a Week Program for Massive Strength and Muscle

  • Why a 7 day week just wasn’t working for Dru and the schedule he came up with instead
  • How this program heals up injuries
  • Details on working hard
  • How assistance exercises should be trained and how almost everyone does them wrong.
  • Maximum Effort, Rep Effort, Dynamic Effort as it’s not done elsewhere
  • The Ultimate Program to Grow Big and Strong
  • How much rest is really necessary?

Bench Press Secrets from the Raw World Bench Press Champion

  • Where you start your press from and how to setup
  • Avoid the dreaded Teradactyl
  • Assistance exercises you’ve never heard of like
  • Need tricep strength? Try Suicide Tates
  • Need to build traps? Try Mississippi Shrugs
  • The most diabolical exercise ever, hence it’s name, the Hell Press and how this will make benching easier than ever.
  • How to avoid getting hurt from the bench like so many do
  • Tons of form critiques live!

Pulling a Monster Deadlift

  • The best way to start training the deadlift
  • The grip and rip method of lifting
  • Proper form for deadlifts
  • 4 Killer Assistance exercises
  • Partial deadlifts for sticking point strength

The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups

  • The basic exercises to form your foundation before you get start on these exercises
  • A basic breakdown of easy, medium, and hard handstand pushups
  • How to position your head, body, hands, legs and more to effect the exercise
  • The differences in facing the wall and back to the wall
  • How to move beyond the headstand range of motion to full range
  • The single best method for going from I can’t do a rep to full range
  • Circular handstand pushups
  • How to lead the exercise differently for different effects
  • How to get started on freestanding handstand pushups and what makes these much harder than against the wall (it’s not just the balancing part, they actually take more strength too)

Front and Back Lever Training

  • Six progression steps for the front lever hold
  • Six progression steps for the back lever hold
  • How to do a straight back lever instead of arching
  • Two simple yet effective warmup exercises
  • Dynamic moves like the back lever leg raise, flutter kicks, ice cream maker and more
  • Three methods to get into a hold, which is easiest and hardest
  • The differences in grips and what to use for what

Agility and Explosiveness Workout

  • The forgotten ability of athleticism most people skip out on
  • How to train explosiveness without kettlebells or olympic lifting
  • An 8 exercise explosive and conditioning workout
  • How to prep your body with a medicine ball
  • Increasing your agility with these 10 methods

The Mind Force Training Behind Big Bending

  • Seeing colors and shapes…yes this video goes off the deep end
  • How Noah has trained to be closing in on the Ironmind Gold Nail while only 16 years old
  • Mental and energetic principles to weaken the steel
  • Grounding and how to put your whole body/mind/soul behind the bend
  • Your mind and body against the steel…How to be the winner every time.
  • High level technical details

Moving Freely for Life: Full Body Mobility

  • Full body mobility routine from the fingertips to toes to the head.
  • How to use ‘Motive Force’ in your mobility work
  • A complete follow along routine
  • Lots of questions and answers
  • The Spine Lengthening Routine, involving pulleys, angels and more
  • The 3 piece mobility test to see where you stand
  • How mobility effects your brain and the simple steps (literally) to take to reset your body and download info
  • Using auto-suggestion to get greater results

Myofascial Mobility: The Next Evolution of Mobility Training to Unlock Your Body

  • Built off of mobility and a massage background to combine for greater results
  • How to have your body lead mobility rather than the other way around
  • What patterns mean and how to use them to better “fix” yourself
  • Gain instant energy by un-rippling your fascia
  • Accessing the exact drills you need to move much better, rather than a follow along routine

70% Off – Available through March 31st Only

People paid up to $995 per workshop to be there live, plus flights and lodging. One man traveled from Holland twice for it!

People paid $297 to $397 for each individual workshop set totalling $1071.00.

Today you can get the whole treasure trove for just $297.

Shortly after ordering you’ll receive an email with a link to a private download page where you’ll find all the videos available for download in MP4 format. 

This offer ends when March ends. And I promise that this is a one time thing and will never be available ever again.

Order the Super Human Training Workshop Vault for $297

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There is No Guarantee

Because we’re making this available as digital downloads and there is so much information available, there is no guarantee available to prevent thieves from taking everything. If you’re not familiar with Bud or myself and the quality of our teaching, this is probably not right for you.

By the way, the sound and video quality is good, but not perfect. These were shot before HD video was commonplace. The lectures are very clear although there is some background noise in some places, especially the interactive segments. After all this was all filmed at a workshop. So if you’re expecting Hollywood quality special effects go somewhere else. But if you want the highest quality information then this is the deal for you.

And note that if you’re a customer of Bud Jeffries or myself you might own some of these videos. We each took a number of them, turning them into products we normally sell, as can be told by the titles. But that was only with some of them. You’re responsible for knowing what you have and reading what’s included above.

Just a few of these videos can be worth far more than the price. If you’re certain that we’re great teachers that can take you to the next level, then go ahead and place your order.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. Checkout what the attendees said…

Order the Super Human Training Workshop Vault for $297

Get it for 3 payments of $99

Or just 6 payments of $55